is a family of powerful, web-based programs that allow healthcare providers to create, print, and document personalized treatment plans for the patient.

MedActionPlan is intuitive and user friendly, so there is no learning curve. Adoption of the program in your facility is fast and easy, with high satisfaction rates.

  • Help meet Joint Commission national patient safety goals
  • Improve patient understanding and adherence while reducing medication errors
  • Print in English or Spanish
  • Helps with CMS and HCAHPS audits

Compelling Features Designed to Help Improve Patient Outcomes

  • The printable charts have been shown to help improve patients’ understanding of—and adherence to—their medication regimens.
  • Proprietary database featuring thousands of medications with color illustrations and patient-friendly instructions based on standard health literacy principles
  • Print schedules in a variety of formats, including wallet-size, large type, English and Spanish
  • Each medication listed includes its brand name, generic name, and route of administration
  • Easily export a schedule directly to the patient’s MyMedSchedule account

“MedActionPlan makes our patients feel very comfortable with the medication education process. The schedules are organized, clear, and professional in appearance. MedActionPlan makes my role as an educator easier too, because the program is so easy to use.”

—Eric Tichy, Pharm.D.
Organ Transplantation Specialist
Yale New Haven Hospital

Who Uses MedActionPlan?

MedActionPlan is used by over 700 hospitals, clinics, and medical practices in the United States.

These facilities choose MedActionPlan for creating effective discharge instructions, reconciling medications, educating patients about their medications, and maintaining the continuity of care between inpatient and outpatient services.

MedActionPlan can help improve patient satisfaction. Patients love the MedActionPlan and MyMedSchedule charts because they make it easy to keep organized and prevent errors. And many providers report having more time to spend with patients because MedActionPlan is so easy to use. These factors may help hospitals improve their HCAHPS scores and increase patient loyalty.

MedActionPlan is Secure and HIPAA Compliant

  • Unique user IDs. Client administrators create a unique login ID for each user. Users control their own passwords.
  • Improve staff accountability with audit controls. Users are identified and recorded each time they enter MedActionPlan.
  • Secure data storage. Data is stored at separate, hardened locations in different timezones with redundant security, fire, and power systems. User and patient information is encrypted on the database.
  • Certified reliable and secure data centers. MedActionPlan hosting vendors have received SAS 70 Type II Certification.
  • Encryption. Any information sent over the Internet is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption technology.
  • Automatic Logoff. Users are automatically logged out of MedActionPlan after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Built on standard technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • No installation required. MedActionPlan is a Web-based application, so all your staff needs is an internet connection and a supported web browser with Javascript turned on. Program accessible through any device connected to the Internet.
  • Recommended browsers: MedActionPlan is tested on, and works well with Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Firefox 3 and up, and Safari 3 and up.
  • Printing: to get the most out of MedActionPlan, you’ll want to make a printer (preferably color) available.
MedActionPlan Network Diagram

Securely send a MedActionPlan from your facilty to the patient, a pharmacist, or another physician

Export to MyMedSchedule®
Patient Portal
Part of the MedActionPlan Network

MyMedSchedule is a FREE, secure, Web-based application designed to help patients keep their med schedules updated, print them in English or Spanish, and even set up reminders to make sure they don’t forget to take their pills or get refills. Export the patient’s most current MedActionPlan directly to MyMedSchedule (MMS) to facilitate communications between patient and provider.

Read more about MyMedSchedule »

Send to another provider:
You also have the option to send a secure link that allows another physician or pharmacist to view and print a patient’s current MedActionPlan.

Empower patients to self manage their healthcare

MedActionPlan applications give healthcare providers the tools they need to educate and motivate patients to become active partners in adhering to their treatment plans. MedActionPlan components are customizable, so patients do feel they are given information specific to them.

MedActionPlan packages all essential information about medications, dosing, dosing intervals and special instructions into one patient-friendly package.

MedActionPlan Charts

Charts print in English or Spanish.

My Daily Schedule

A complete medication schedule available in wallet-size and large type formats.

Special Instructions

Dietary considerations for each medication. Instructions can be edited.

Med Checklist

Weekly and Monthly checklists help patients keep track of what they take and when.

Weekly Health Record

Chart used by patients to record their vital signs, such as blood pressure or weight.

My Daily Insulin Schedule

Supplement to My Daily Schedule, includes editable Insulin Sliding Scale or Insulin/Carb Adjustments.

Taper and Anticoagulation Schedules

Help patients with complex regimens.

Patient Education Sheets

Complex topics explained with patient-friendly language and illustrations.

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