MedActionPlan for Healthcare Providers: Discharge Planning Tool - Advance patient safety, patient education, and adherence to medication therapy

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Big News! MedActionPlan PRO will become available in 2016. MAP PRO includes translations in multiple languages and new, flexible dosing options for complex medication regimens. The program has been designed to integrate with your EMR.

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MedActionPlan allows providers to customize, document and print patient-friendly medication schedules and discharge instructions based on standard health literacy principles.

  • Reduce medication errors
  • Improve medication safety
  • Print in English or Spanish
  • Unique schedules for anticoagulation, diabetes, complex medications, taper and titration
  • Export directly to the patient’s MyMedSchedule account

MedActionPlan makes the discharge process more efficient, and provides continuity of care between inpatient and outpatient services. It improves the medication reconciliation process, as patients leave with a current home medication list.

MedActionPlan is an excellent patient education tool, a proven resource for teaching patients about their medication therapy. A recent independent survey of MedActionPlan for Organ Transplant users found over 94% have seen change or improvement in patient care and medication adherence:

2011 ITNS Survey: 59.6% Significant change or improvement, 34.6% some change or improvemnt, 5.8% No change or improvement

MedActionPlan is used in hundreds of facilities throughout the U.S.  

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Recent News from MedActionPlan

We have been using MedActionPlan at University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham for about 7 years now—I cannot imagine returning to the previous process that we were using!

MedActionPlan is always updating and adding new features to improve its product—they really listen to the health care provider and care about the patient.

Lynn L. Dill, RPh, MBA
Division Manager
UAB Health Systems
Department of Pharmacy