Print Patient-friendly Medication Schedules directly from your EMR or Pharmacy Software with

MedActionPlan PushPrint™ Service

This service allows you to provide your patients with the many benefits of MedActionPlan’s easy-to-read medication charts and schedules without requiring your staff to spend additional time duplicating data already available in your EMR or other applications.

  • Eliminate double entry
  • Improve patient satisfaction surveys
  • Advance patient safety
  • Reduce medication errors
  • Satisfy core CMS HCAPHS requirements

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How it Works

MedActionPlan PushPrint is provided as a web service. Web services make it possible for software applications to connect to each other through standard protocols and data formats such as HTTP, XML, and SOAP.

Your EMR or other software will use the web service to send data in XML format to MedActionPlan. The data must be structured according to a subset of the Continuity of Care (CCR) specification, an emerging standard for health data and information exchange.

Using PushPrint

Following MedActionPlan’s specifications for sending data securely to the web service, your software vendor can easily add MedActionPlan PushPrint to your facility’s existing workflow. This link will give your staff one-click access to all the easy-to-read MyMedSchedule® printing formats.

MedActionPlan automatically provides images for many of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S.

Print Formats

  • Daily Schedule
  • Wallet size schedule
  • Large type schedule
  • Weekly and Monthly Checklists

Export Option

PushPrint provides an option to export each schedule directly to the patient’s own MyMedSchedule account, empowering patients to maintain up-to-date, personal med schedules.